Danbury in the press...

Freedom is a VW Camper!

We've just received a lovely piece of interactive artwork of an all-time classic favourite – the iconic Volkswagen T2 campervan!

For me, just looking at it conjures up a thousand happy images and memories of sunlit camping fields, festivals and picnics by the sea.

I went to South Cornwall in a beautiful orange and cream Danbury Surf campervan recently (Practical Motorhome magazine, Dec 2012 and Jan 2013). It's such a comfortable van, and it has plenty of power to get up hills, because it's based on the larger VW T5. It's not as pretty as a classic T2 Bus let alone the older 'splittys', so purists probably won't approve, but it's great fun to drive and Danbury's build-quality is brilliantly robust. Cornwall is probably the spiritual home of the VW camper – so I certainly felt at home.  

I love the fact that VW campervans come in a variety of sunny colours and the way that when you're driving any VW camper complete strangers will turn, smile, wave, toot and flash their lights as you pass. (No, it's not my driving, cheeky!) There's even a special wave.